Elevation takes Separation

The life you are destined for is your journey to walk in you just have to take the first steps without being scared of failing. Your first steps start with self-discipline and consistency. Once you discipline yourself mentally you will learn to stop overthinking how hard your journey may seem and begin understanding how tremendous your story will be. Everyone you start with is not going to be strong enough to make it to your highest level of quality. Everyone can’t go with your growth. The people you lose while you were elevating to a different level of success in the world are the people who were meant to be in the essence of the best version of you. Stop talking to the people who are not listening to what you have to say about the journey to become an integral part of the world. When you stop talking to the people who are not listening to you, you will begin to watch them, and they will show you what they are up to. There’s nothing worse than wasting time on people who devalue what you have to say by rejecting your words and actions that are available to help them with a new way of thinking and living. Move-in silence you will not always need an audience to achieve the greatest all you need to do is focus on what you want to be able to accomplish. Elevation requires separation from people who didn’t value the excellence of your worth. Leveling up to your most powerful potential requires losing other people so don’t be afraid to be alone in this process, be afraid of losing yourself trying to please other people and failing yourself

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